Get the job done faster

and enable people to grow


Power up your team

Best way to attract talents is offering them exciting challenges and ambitious projects.
Show off your project like a commodity and you will never again have problem with hiring.


Aspire higher

Companies tends to have suboptimal amount of people engaged in projects.
When some of them are idle, give your workers possibility to take on new external projects and let them grow in meantime.

Matching service

Let us do the job

We aim to become a marketplace for the specialists to enable rational allocation of scarce human resources.
Our online platform will reduce the connected expenses and help you make optimal decisions.

Data Access

Security first

only for logged and verified users, nobody out of our platform will get access to your projects details.


Legal support

We recommend and prepare the necessary legal documentation(NDA, NCC), so that your project lub employee was safe and secured.

Brand image

Customized advertising

You can show off the logo of your company or keep it secret depending on your individual preference


Clear message

We help you contact with right specialists but eventually it is up to you whether or not you share sensitive data about your project